Connectivity Solutions North Wales 

We keep your business connected, whether you are indoors or outdoors. From Satellite Broadband for rural locations, Multi-site Connectivity to link all of your offices together, Wi-Fi solutions, and Ethernet Connections, we can give you the options that match your requirements.

Comms Management deliver flexible and innovative connectivity solutions in North Wales

What is Connectivity?

Connectivity underpins a whole business. It is simply the different techniques and methods we can use to keep us all linked together. This could be Wi-Fi solutions, broadband, mobile broadband, satellite connectivity (for rural locations) or ethernet – we can provide all of it. Businesses today are reliant on powerful, reliable and smart connectivity to keep them running (and optimising), with minimal downtime. There are many solutions that we provide that can enhance the way you work through connectivity.

Our Range of Connectivity Solutions


Whether you’re a small business with a busy office, a corporate facility with hundreds of employees or a caravan/holiday park, modern businesses are now almost wholly reliant on a stable, fast WiFi connection. Strong connectivity and access to cloud services are changing the modern workplace, and keeping staff connected to themselves and to customers or clients has never been more essential. Even when clients or visitors come to your site, they’ll need to be able to access a secure guest office network. Read More

Multisite Connectivity

We know how essential it is for many businesses that have multiple sites to be able to freely communicate freely and quickly over the phone and the internet with both clients and other employees – we would know, we’ve got 3 other offices around the UK! But we love that we can all use the same phone system and communicate instantly, as if there was no distance between us, but, anyway enough about us! Read More.


In terms of Broadband, our packages are ideal for businesses that require a cost-effective, high speed and resilient connection. Townley will tailor the right service for your business, ensuring you receive the very best solution which is personal to you. Needless to say, all our options are business-grade, has great SLAs and are delivered with 24/7 professional support. View our range of connectivity solutions by navigating the above menu. If you are unsure of what you require or what solution would be best for your business, a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you understand what solution would work best for you, and talk you through any questions you may have. Read More.

Ethernet Connectivity

Leased Lines from Comms Management offers businesses dedicated, uncontended connectivity which is available as either direct internet access or as a Point-to-Point (P2P) service. We also over MPLS solutions, which is a popular choice for many of our clients, mainly due to its cost effectiveness and manageability, you also have the benefit of a local, North Wales based Comms Management engineer to design the perfect network for your solution. Read More


Being based locally, Comms Management has many years’ experience in delivering Satellite Broadband solutions to businesses in all areas of North Wales, from standard businesses to hydro-power stations and wind farms. Satellite Broadband is ideal for businesses operating in rural locations with poor bandwidth available. Read More.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Caravan Parks and Holiday Parks in North Wales

Every holiday park is different. At Comms Management, we visit your site and map it out thoroughly, to ensure both we and our clients are satisfied with the proposed solution. Our team will consult with you to ensure we deliver an architecture which suits your business requirements. We’re also able to develop hotspot areas which will ensure you receive comprehensive coverage in all types of spaces and businesses.

Installing Wi-Fi connectivity across your holiday parks not only demonstrates that your business is keeping with the times and demands of your customers, but also encourages more business, and can transform the customer service you can provide. 

Additionally, providing an additional service such as internet access and phone services in each lodge at your caravan, camping or holiday park can give you a competitive advantage over other leisure businesses in your area.

A recent survey revealed that 67% of holidaymakers think Wi-Fi is the most important factor when choosing where to stay. Holidaymakers rely on Wi-Fi for;

  • Checking the weather
  • Keeping on top of their work emails
  • Streaming TV & Film
  • Staying in contact with friends and family
  • Planning excursions
  • Using online maps
  • Entertaining children with apps/games

Get in touch with us here to arrange a Wi-Fi audit for your site(s)

Case Study: Wi-Fi Solution for The Merrion Hotel

The Merrion Hotel is a popular 65-bedroom hotel situated on the promenade in the heart of Llandudno. Comms Management had previously successfully installed a new telephone system.

The hotel decided to plan for a new Wi-Fi solution and asked Comms Management to undertake a full survey. Comms Management recommended and installed a future-proof Wi-Fi solution which would enable the hotel to meet the needs of its current and future guests requirements for many years to come.

Read full case study here

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