The Beckham bubble has well and truly burst this week with a series of shocking revelations about the ‘golden boy’ of football in the latest cyber attack to hit the news.

Extracts from a number of leaked emails between David Beckham and his publicist Simon Oliveira, have been shared across European websites, social media and widely reported on by the media. The emails do not portray Beckham in the best light as they have exposed his attempts to use his notable charity work as part of an orchestrated campaign to obtain a knighthood. In recent days, a number of celebrities have criticised him in the press which has resulted in the story gaining more coverage.

During what is thought to be a three-year period, emails were as accessed from the servers of Doyen Global, the sports management firm run by Oliveira.

Oliveira is the man behind ‘Brand Beckham’ and is a close friend of Beckham. He also manages a number of other celebrities and is said to have been totally devastated that his business has been hacked and believes the emails were deliberately doctored to give a misleading picture of Beckham.

Although the Police have been called in to investigate the cyber attack, the damage to Beckham’s previously unblemished reputation is done.

Hackers are believed to have used Russian servers to access messages and documents from the computer system of the small business run by Oliveira and then demanded a hefty ransom, which was not met, leading to the leaks.

What can small businesses learn from this cyber attack scandal?

The damage done to Beckham’s reputation is immense. It will take many years and a cleverly orchestrated publicity campaign to remove the tarnish and reposition Beckham in the minds of the British public.

All businesses are vulnerable to cyber attacks and hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Beckhams’ publicist runs a relatively small business and their professional reputation has been seriously damaged by being hacked.

Protecting your business including your customer data from cyber attack should be one of the highest priorities for your business. The damage which can be done during a security breach doesn’t bear thinking about.

Malware, hackers, and cyber thieves are becoming more sophisticated. Managing this necessary security control can be extremely complex and costly and Comms Management is here to help.

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