It has been revealed that Lloyds Bank was the target of a recent cyber security attack which prevented a substantial number of customers accessing and using their online bank accounts.

It is understood from press reports, that the disruption to service affected several brands in the Lloyds Bank portfolio and it is possible that this attack was ongoing for three days. It has recently emerged that the National Cyber Security Centre is working with the bank on the attack.

In contrast to the hacking of Tesco Bank in November, in which £2.5m was taken, there is no indication that criminals accessed cash in Lloyds Bank accounts.

Recent news coverage is reporting that the new National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ and the UK’s authority on cyber security, is understood to be working with Lloyds Bank after the attack.

The National Cyber Security Centre was formed in response to a growing threat of cyber attacks from states, serious crime gangs, hacking groups as well as terrorists. Its aim is to help ensure that the people, public and private sector organisations and the critical national infrastructure of the UK are safer online.

How can local businesses protect themselves and their customers from a growing cyber security threat?

Cyber security remains the responsibility of us all. Malware, hackers, and cyber thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Managing this necessary security control can be extremely complex and costly and Comms Management is here to help. 205 days is the average length of time taken by an organisation to detect a cyber security breach. The damage which can be done in this time doesn’t bear thinking about.

A managed firewall’s objective is to prevent rogue or unauthorised access by hackers. Comms Management will create a firewall architecture that gives you the very best protection.

Increasing your IT security defence usually, means an increase in cost. However, think about the level of risk that is proportionate to your company business activity. For example, if online transactions are an important part of your business or if you hold customer details, higher levels of security should be adopted.

Human error contributes to high levels of security breaches. Ensure your staff change their passwords regularly and don’t share them.

If your company was hacked, do you have a process to limit damage and quickly restore the operation? Ensure you have professional support and an escalation path in the case of an emergency.

Comms Management’s relationship with leading security vendors means you get access to the latest technology at very competitive prices and we can tailor our support to what you need.Our security experts can manage your firewalls round the clock and provide you with reports on your system’s health and attack history.

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