From business people enjoying conferences or catching up on work emails, to leisure travellers researching local attractions, today’s hotel guests expect the same seamless connectivity experience in their hotel room that they would receive at home. However, hotel Wi-Fi is still one of the biggest issues for hotel guests, and hoteliers are struggling to accommodate the influx of connected devices.

At the same time, guests at restaurants and other local leisure attractions like to browse social media meaning restaurants and other leisure businesses are expected to provide a fast, reliable commercial Wi-Fi network in order to host happier customers.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs need to ensure that the hotel Wi-Fi connectivity enhances their guests’ experience. Some hotels offer a free option for connection in the reception, restaurant or other public space and others offer full access at certain times of the day.

If you are going to offer the Wi-Fi service, you need to make sure it works effectively or your guests will more than likely look for an alternative venue next time.

Hotel Wi-Fi Connectivity Survey

It is important for hotels and restaurants to use the latest managed switches or routers to effectively route Internet traffic across the network. These switches and routers offer greater security features and can direct Internet packets only to the appropriate recipients, rather than to all parties on the network.

At Comms Management we offer North Wales based companies both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions. We also offer a no obligation Wi-Fi survey. Our team will consult with you to ensure we deliver an architecture which suits your current and future business requirements.

We’re also able to develop hotspot areas which will ensure you receive comprehensive coverage in all types of spaces and business locations.

Speak to one of our Account Managers on 03454 50 30 40 or email or visit our website.

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