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IT Solutions in North Wales


What are IT Solutions?

Essentially, IT Solutions help improve your company’s internal network or way of working, for example, solutions can accommodate; rapid growth of your company, help prepare for disaster, improve the overall security of your business, virtualise servers and move some of your services to the cloud – the list goes on!

What is the difference between IT Support and IT Solutions?

Our IT Support involves fixing and troubleshooting a range of issues from resetting user passwords to server failure, whereas an IT Solution is an overall resolution to a problem or alternatively, a way of enhancing a pre-existing network set up.

With our expertise, we can help enhance and improve how your team works – many of our clients that use our IT Support services also come to us for their IT Solutions, as both go hand in hand. When you are a client with Townley, we get to know your network from working on any issues you may have, and carrying out maintenance checks.

As such, we will start to understand where your company may be lacking and what areas need improving, we will then be able to give you honest and helpful suggestions as to how you can improve these flaws, (although you don’t have to take on our suggestions!) and the correct solution can be put in place.

It’s not just our clients that ask for our assistance with implementing IT solutions, we work with many businesses who may be after an Office 365 migration, or help with any other IT project work. We’re always happy to get involved and fix things!

Find out more about the range of solutions we offer below.

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Our most popular IT Solutions

Office 365 Migrations

Our most commonly implemented solution is Microsoft Office 365, which is a cloud-based subscription plan that takes familiar office-suite programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and delivers them to you via the internet. Essentially, Office 365 allows you to work from wherever you are in the world, and on any device. Because the software is running in a Microsoft data centre, users simply connect to the internet to access their stored emails, software and documents. This means that all emails and any other documents that have been created using Microsoft Office software can be easily read, updated and emailed by any authorised user at home, in the office or on the go.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Many people come to us for disaster recovery solutions, as more businesses start to understand the impact and likelihood of data loss as a result of server failure, or other IT related issues/disasters. We can help you with the creation and implementation of your Disaster Recovery plan, adhering to all the necessary criteria  to ensure that you have comprehensive protection. When we analyse your current IT set up and how your business operates, this also allows us to test for gaps and see where you may need to improve your current plan. We can provide both pro-active and reactive support for your business. We always recommend that a pro-active approach is best, as preventing an issue is much simpler than trying to rectify the issue(s).

Our complete range of IT Solutions

Business Continuity

At Comms Management, we will plan and implement Business Continuity solutions should the worse happen. Our experienced staff have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your business can continue working, even in the most disastrous of circumstances.

Office Moves/Relocation

We specialise in decommissioning your IT kit, moving it with the greatest care (even if it’s in the same building), then re-commissioning and testing it to ensure that it’s not only up and running, but functioning flawlessly.


If you are planning growth in your business you could experience ever increasing costs within the IT Department. Comms Management could help you reduce the costs and keep the costs of your future projects down by implementing Virtualisation.

Moving to the Cloud

An increasing number of companies of all sizes are moving to the cloud as, quite simply, it can revolutionise the way employees work. Moving your IT infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud means your business could be taking advantage of many benefits.

Office 365 

We are official Microsoft Partners and as such, we are able to bill and support clients directly for Office 365, meaning you do not have to deal with Microsoft at all, and if you encounter any issues then you come to us, your IT support company.

IT/Telecoms Strategy

The needs of a business are complex and variable. Whether you require a short-term review exercise or a complete business IT transformation, our consultancy projects follow the same principles: we work closely with our clients.

Email Filtering Solutions

Not only does our spam mail filtering service provide complete end to end security, delivering reliable protection against new and evolving spam and virus methods, but it also helps to protect against data leakage and breaches of confidentiality.

Server Technology

Townley have a wealth of knowledge on all forms of server platforms. From a basic single server setup to complex virtualised multi server solutions. We are also able to provide a fully functional cloud or Microsoft Azure solution to suit your requirements no matter how big or small.