At the end of last year industry regulator, Ofcom released their Connected Nations 2016 report. The report covers the state of the UK’s connectivity and in particular, Broadband and Mobile coverage.

Over the course of 2016, the UK took another step forward in the coverage of its fixed and mobile communications. More people than ever, are, or can be connected to the communications they need. As a nation, we are consuming substantially more data as mobile and fixed services are increasingly being weaved into the fabric of our daily lives. From shopping to work to entertainment, we download information at many points during our day. It is hard to imagine a day without looking up information on a search engine. We need information and we need it quickly. However, the UK has a way to go, when some people still live in a geographical area which is a mobile blackspot.

Connected Nations

During the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor pledged £1 Billion investment into broadband. This investment will support the private sector to roll out more full-fibre broadband by 2020-21. Funding will also support trials of 5G mobile communications.

And from April 2017, the government will also provide a new 100% business rates relief for new full-fibre infrastructure for a 5 year period.This is welcome news to the nation as it will stimulate fibre network operators to scale quickly to help meet the demands of businesses and homes across the UK for high-speed connectivity.

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